On the dry spot

We were going through pictures today. Hubby went to the Georgia Aquarium last week (or the week before?) with our houseguests. It was his 3rd time there, and he mentioned that he’d love to go back sometime without a camera so that he can actually see things.

That’s kind of my position on blogging lately. I’ve been in the thick of it. Life, that is. And while I usually relish a little bit of quiet time to process the days’ events by writing about them to the worldwide internet community full of complete strangers and a few friends and regular ‘conversants,’ lately I’ve been too busy living it to write about it. You know those times you go through when you barely have time to breathe? That’s where I am now.

Home repairs. Board member of Home Owners Association. Little Man’s seizures. A crowded house. Bean vomiting blood. Significant home repairs.  Starting a business. More house guests. Brother home from Afghanistan. Road trip. Add to that all the usual things, like kids’ birthday parties, oodles of laundry, errands to run, gardening to be done, painting to be done, knitting projects, and on and on. I’m hoping to get some of this madness dealt with so I can return to the lifestyle I’m used to. Having time to breathe. Having friends over for dinner. Going to playdates. Being me.

Until then, please don’t write me off as another blog lost to the wind. I’m still here, and I certainly plan on returning. When I have something decent to say, and enough time to think about something coherent.


One thought on “On the dry spot

  1. Hey!! So – I finally found your blog by looking for it in your LinkedIn profile…and after reading a few posts, I must say I feel half caught up, and half like we realllllly need to get together and catch up. (that was as hard to type as it must be to read.)

    Anyway – Elias still looks like we punched him in both eyes, as he picked up pink eye from some wonder kid in the nursery on Sunday. Good times. I think I’ve washed my hands 407 times today. Danged bleeding cracked cuticles.

    And…I ran across a site that you might enjoy – http://www.parenthacks.com/

    So – I’ll try to be a faithful reader, and who knows, you might inspire me to start my own blog. I just am not sure life at the Finney Farm is all that interesting…


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