Disappointment on a grand scale

Alas. I’m leaving for a long weekend on Thursday. I managed to push it to 6 weeks between hair cuts and I’m desperately due for one now (with short hair I can’t go long between cuts). So I called my stylist (who, I have to say, it took me 2 1/2 years of bad cuts to find a good stylist) and she’s off until after I leave! I could scream. My hair is so bad I’ve taken to wearing hats. And i only have one. It’s my husband’s old baseball cap. So I’ve started knitting more hats. But they’re not ready, and I need one now, now now!

On the flip side, I just called the salon and they graciously set me up with an appointment tonight with another stylist. I feel like a hair hooker – every time I have someone else do my hair I feel like I’m cheating on my stylist. And I’m afraid she’ll actually be there when I show up at her salon. (Secretly I’m relishing the idea of an evening appointment – I get to let hubby put the kids to bed while I sneak off to have my head shampooed and massaged, and have some mysterious new stylist – who must be good because she works at my stylist’s salon – lend her artistic genius to my mane.) On one hand I hope she’s even better than the woman who does such a wonderful job on my hair, but if she does it would be awful! I can’t leave my stylist! Especially for someone in the neighboring chair!


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