Number of houseguests I had last week: 6

Nectarines we went through in one morning with 6 houseguests: 17

Number of houseguests arriving today: 2

Number of waffles I plan to make and freeze today: 30

Number of different contractors that have worked on my living room so far: 5

Number of times I mopped my floor yesterday: 6

Number of trips to Home Depot this week: 4

What I bought my entertainment center for 2 years ago: $200

What I sold it for yesterday: $200

Number of loads of laundry I did yesterday: 6

Number of products I used to clean my wood floors yesterday: 5

Average hours of sleep per night this week: 5.5

Cups of coffee per day: 4

Number of times I usually check my email per day: 10+

Number of times I’ve checked it in the last week, total: 5

Sorry I’ve been away – life happened, leaving little time for blog.


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