The drama (cont’d)

Yesterday. It’s all pretty much a blur. Our guests left in the afternoon, and we were quite sad to see them go. It was really nice having them here.

About 20 minutes after they left Bean asked for the bucket – meaning she was going to throw up again. She’d been dry heaving all day, but I gave her the bucket and rubbed her back as she heaved. But this time she actually threw up. Blood. And we called 911, they got here pretty quick, and offered to give her a ride to the hospital.  We declined and I took her to our doctor’s after hours urgent care center. As we were walking down the hall toward the check in desk she did it again – only this time there was much more blood. It covered her teeth, was dripping down her chin – it was awful. I took off in a sprint with her in my arms, a nurse met us right away, and the doctors hovered over my precious girl.

After some blood work, a little pill to curb the nausea, and many x-rays, they decided I could take her home, as long as I bring her back after 12 hours for a re-check. Thankfully, she’s better now. We had our re-check, and Bean has definitely recovered. But wow – it was scary. Probably even scarier than Little Man’s seizure 2 weeks ago.

So what’s up? Why all this medical stuff all of a sudden? One thing I know – I’ve had my fill of it.


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