Oh, the drama!

Our guests are leaving today – 😦 .  It’s been fun having them. In a way the timing is good though. Bean was up all night throwing up, and she’s been pretty sick all day. Her fever seems relatively high, but my thermometers aren’t working. So I have her doped up on Motrin and pepto bismol (which she hates) and she’s so ready to have her house back.

As if that isn’t enough, we finally hired someone to fix the wall in the living room, and we bought our hardwoods for the floor. They came last night and worked until after dark, but in the last hour we had a pretty bad storm and we noticed that there was water leaking in somewhere and puddling on the floor. In the wall where they just finished installing the drywall. This is the same bay window where another contractor virtually tore the whole thing down and re-built it. 2 months ago. To get rid of a leak. It seems that the roof on the bay window has leaky seams. I had 3 roofers look at it last summer and none of them could find the leak.

So the guy working on it now offered me 2 options – he can seal it with a special kind of tape and paint, or he can try to weld it (but that’s risky because he might set the house on fire – so he says)… Not the best way to instill my trust. They’ve torn down the new drywall, and once the fix the roof cap on the bay window they’ll redo the drywall. Then do the floor. And then, just maybe, we can use the room again. I’ll post pictures…


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