Upcoming chaos

As if Little Man’s seizure, medical appointments, home renovation, and starting a business isn’t enough for me… Some friends of ours from Moldova just immigrated to the US, are living about 500 miles away from us, but they’re driving down this week to see us. Honestly, it’s great news and I can’t wait to see them. But, they have their 4 teenagers coming with them. Now, I love their kids too. But that means 6 relatively full-grown people in my house. Cooking for them is a bit of an issue (I’ve never cooked for this many people before), but the real issue is furniture. We only have 4 chairs at the dining table. Our main seating area (the living room) is completely destroyed (as in no furniture, no wall, concrete slab floor with nails sticking up). Our family room seats 6 if we really squeeze in (not 10). And I’m in the process of borrowing sleeping bags and hopefully some twin mattresses from friends. We can squeeze the 4 teens into Little Man’s room and roll his crib over to Bean’s room – I think that will be the least disruptive. And I’m going on faith that I can actually fit 4 beds into one room. Here’s to hoping!

So if I’m a little scarce this week – please understand. I have to make my house a little less of a wreck for our guests, and figure out how on earth to serve food to 10 people for a whole week! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner… For a week. 10 people. But we’ll figure it out. Heck, Jesus fed 5,000. Surely he’ll give me the ability to feed a fraction of that.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming chaos

  1. Thanks Jen! I’m thinkin’ I’ll make and freeze a few big pasta-y casseroles before they get here – good thing I have a big freezer! The mac & cheese sounds like a winner, and maybe I can make a bunch of hamburger patties for the freezer… Scratch that. Better to just buy hot dogs and save myself that work! Maybe a pan of lasagna frozen in individual portions for lunches?

    Thanks for the tips – looks like I need to get to work! And more important, thanks for the prayers – i’ll need that Mary / Martha balance this week!


  2. We number 6 here…and lots of extended family around so we do “big meals” often. (big as in # of people and quantity of food!) PASTA…latsa pasta! Big tossed salads. Big batches of homemade mac-n-cheese. Grilled hotdogs and a big batch of potato salad. I’m praying for the right mix of “Mary & Martha” this week! You can do it. Oh, and don’t let them watch the Food Network on your ginormous TV! 🙂


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