Little Man flexes his muscles

I’ve noticed that over the last week Little Man (18 months old) has been growing in his ‘assertiveness.’ He has his own ideas about what should happen when, and how, and where. And if he doesn’t get his way a small temper tantrum ensues. I can call it small because I’ve seen big temper tantrums – thanks to Bean. (And, in fact, hers started at about 19 months, so I think it has a lot to do with the age).

But he’s also started playing one of Bean’s games. She likes to run up to people (and kids) and kind of crash into them. Now, Bean is by far the smallest in any group of kids her age. So generally what happens is she runs into another child from her playgroup, Sunday school, or preschool, and they look down and giggle at the little bundle of joy that just bounced off them and fell to the floor. Yes, even though she’s the one instigated and she’s the one with the momentum, she’s also the one who ends up on the floor. But Little Man is a bit different. He’s taken on the tactic with Bean, and he knocks her down. Even though they’re 19 months apart there’s only 4 pounds difference between them. So he knocks her over. And thinks it’s a game. We’re trying to nip that in the bud.

And he’s started hitting things. Usually just pieces of furniture or the floor – sometimes with his hand, sometimes with a toy. And throwing things. He does that a lot. He’s had a couple of near misses with people and kids. And we’re trying to nip that in the bud too. He’s not a fan of time-outs or having things taken away from him, so hopefully we won’t have to go beyond that for now.

But this morning, he hit Bean in the face with a toy car. So he lost the car. And he went to time out. And he a stern rebuke. I don’t know what to do about it – I never had this problem with Bean. She doesn’t have an assertive bone in her. So this is new territory for me. I hate that Bean is now afraid of him though. I suppose it’ll pass in time.


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