The monster

Hubby has been asking for a 42″ plasma for years. We’d kind of agreed that it was a want and not a need, and our money can be much better spent elsewhere.

Until. Our neighbor mentioned yesterday that he’s selling his 50″ DL-something or other Samsung 1080 who-knows-what. Nearly new, warranty included. And at a significant savings. So now it’s in our living room. It kind of dwarfs the room. Our old TV is next to it – it looks like ‘the baby’. Or a cell phone screen when compared to the gigantor TV.

Did we need it? No. But it’s kind of cool. And it makes a fun sound when you turn it off. And it’s taking up a large part of our living room. There’s some furniture rearranging to do. And I have a feeling that when the kids wake up in the morning all they’ll want to do all day is watch TV. Life-size.

Updated 6/22: Bean came downstairs this morning and said “wow! The baby TV has a daddy!” Right on, kiddo.


One thought on “The monster

  1. Oh, the big TV.

    After a while, you sort of start to forget what life was like without one. (We’ve been oogling replacements for our 3 year old, 51″ model every once in a while…not that there’s anything wrong with ours, it’s just fun to browse the newer models…)


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