Momzilla healed… via the E.R.

But not how you’d think! I wasn’t the one who was sick. Little Man woke up last night having seizures. Yes, seizures! So, off to the E.R. we went. The took blood (poor kid isn’t a bleeder – it took 2 sticks!) and did a head CT. Thankfully everything turned out mostly normal, but they’re sending us to his regular doctor today to get a referral to a neurologist and an EEG.

Turns out his orange-on-a-toothpick gargantuan cranium (anybody get the movie reference?) may not be entirely healthy. My mother’s intuition tells me everything is a-okay, but doctor’s don’t really settle for that. So Little Man played with the doctor’s swivel stool in the ER from 10 last night until 2 this morning. And we’re headed to his pediatrician in about an hour.

So my momzilla episode seems to pale in comparison. I’m just thankful now to have Little Man in my arms at home, not seizing. It’s weird how something like that can change your perspective and attitude.


2 thoughts on “Momzilla healed… via the E.R.

  1. movie ref: So I Married an Axe Murderer – it’s been a while but my husband and I still quote it to one another!
    thanks for your honesty on this and your last post.
    new here – your 100 things…so interesting – thanks!


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