I don’t know how it happened, but I seem to have become Momzilla. I snap at my kids. I avoid conversations at the park or playground. I snap at my husband. I avoid my mom friends. Why? Because I’m angry all the time. Angry about what? I have no earthly idea. I blame it on hormones. But whatever it is, I have to make it stop!

My poor kids! They ate lunch in silence today because they realized that I was snapping at them over every little infraction. On one hand, it was nice to see them actually respect my authority and respond to something I said. On the other hand, I felt a little quite a bit guilty for making them afraid to speak.

But ahhh, the silence…

Excuse me now, but I have to go make dinner for a friend who just had a baby. Once it’s made I’ll slap on my most congenial smile, drop it off at her house (oohing and ahhing appropriately over her new baby – but only for the appropriate minute), and then slither back into my car glad that I don’t have to make real conversation with someone.   How bad is that?


3 thoughts on “Momzilla

  1. Isn’t it awful to know when you’re being awful and knowing doesn’t make a difference?

    Late afternoon/early evening is my danger zone (that syrup on the pancakes seems to delay my tiredness from attacking first thing in the morning).

    I had two really bad days last week, and after getting the girls into bed the second night (and continuing to boil as they began their stall tactics) I told Jay I had to take a run. In the 2-minuts it took me to collect the right clothes and the dog, I was ready again to knock heads together on my way out the door.

    Thankfully my good man headed this off and I enjoyed yet another benefit of a 2-parent household.


  2. Yeah, I like to tell myself that this is a strange thing that just happened to me on one occasion, but the truth hurts… I do morph into Momzilla on a regular basis. Yes, lack of sleep yields cranky morning yields monstrous day…

    I’ve tried coffee and super-potent multivitamins… but it only makes a small dent!


  3. Oh, Kathy – I can relate. I tend to morph into Momzilla myself, blaming it on either hormones or lack of sleep, depending on the day.

    Tomorrow, I fear she will rear her ugly head, as it’s now quarter past three in the morning and I have yet to fall asleep. Cranky mornings make for monstorous days.

    I hope you’re feeling back to your happier self soon!


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