WFMW: Killing time

Summer time. Kids out of school. Yet still, there are grown up things to be done – like laundry, mopping floors, paying bills, …. blogging.

We have one of those little pop-up tent things for the kids – they’re made by Play Hut I think. We have a small one, a tunnel, and a big Dora the Explorer playhouse. Normally they’re folded up and hidden in a closet. But during the summer I bring them out once or twice a week, set them up for the kids, and they can play in there for hours (no joke!). That gives me precious time to get things done. When we’re done, I fold them up and put them away. The best part is that we can take them with us when we go on a road trip – they’re easy to pack and small, and they’re most entertaining at Grama and Papa’s house.

For more Works for Me tips, head over to Shannon’s at Rocks in My Dryer.


4 thoughts on “WFMW: Killing time

  1. I love the little play tents! We use ours a lot, too! They’re great for camping trips. That way the kids can play in the play tent, and it keeps the dirt out of the sleeping tent.


  2. I totally forgot about those! I have two hidden right now in the back of one of the kids’ closets! lol…you are SO right about those – my two youngest will spend HOURS in their tents.


  3. Gack– sorry, that Snowffairy novel was me. I always seem to forget to log-out when commenting on another wordpress blog.

    I had a laugh though– your comment came through while I was commenting on your bog :o)


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