Success at last!

I’ve come to a point in my parenting where the sheer 3-ness grates on my nerves. The whining. The refusing to share. The tantrums. And we all know that tantrums love an audience.

I’ve discovered a new tactic and I LOVE it! It only works at home, unfortunately. I haven’t found a trick yet to use when we’re out. But here it is… When she starts whining, or refuses to share, or is reveling in her 3-ness,  I send her to room. I don’t take her there, or call it time out or the naughty seat. I just tell her to go to her room – until she’s ready to share / stop whining / etc. It’s amazing. She sulks off to her room, disappears behind a closed door for a minute or two, then comes out smiling and announces, “Okay, I’m ready!”

(I seem to remember my mother doing something like this to me… Only it was phrased differently – “don’t come out until…” I prefer the positive-ness of “please come join us as soon as you’re ready to…”)


One thought on “Success at last!

  1. I, too like the possitive phrasing.

    This used to be my standard MO, but I’ve actually found it to be in/counter-effective with dd#2.

    She will actually wail (what seems to me) unhealthy lengths of time when left alone. Her wailing seems largely… reactionary rather than (primarily) attention seeking.

    e.g., yesterday she acted over-tired (all. day.) and would *wail* at every infraction from her older sister (these, generally, were not imagined). She would also wail at every surprise/thwarted expectation.

    Typically she has always been the type of child who needs help ramping down, so any of these situations I would leave (or send) her to cry it out do not end in 30-45 minutes alone on her bed.

    If I keep her on a “local” time-out (in the room with us) it drives me nuts, but usually subsides to wounded sniffling in 10(?) minutes or so.

    Basically there’s a better chance it stays “focused” on the actual trigger and therefore is more likely to wear off.

    I absolutely *hate* this method, but I don’t have anything that works better. (Do you?)


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