2 Shoe fanatics, for pity’s sake!

We’ve known for years that Bean has a shoe thing. And that’s fine. She’s a girl, and it seems pretty normal. She likes shoes and purses. No big deal. But Little Man is another story  – I never expected him to develop a shoe fetish.

A good friend gave a pair of hand-me-down Nike’s for him, and they were his first non-leather shoe. I had him in Robeez-type shoes until about 6 months ago, but when we inherited these super cool Nike’s, Little Man was hooked. I keep all his shoes next to Bean’s on a little shoe rack and when it’s time to go someplace Little Man races me to the shoe rack to choose his own shoes. Always the Nike’s. If I bring him his Tevo sandals or his Robeez he shakes his head, pulls his little feet away, and pushes the shoes away from him. He’s a Nike man.

There was a big sale sign at Stride Rite today, so we walked in and I had his feet sized. He’s supposed to be in a 5.5 or 6 wide! His Nike’s are a size 4 medium! How can he possibly like shoes that are so small? It’s like having his feet bound! So I started pulling boxes of shoes off the shelf while he played with one of those tilted mirrors they have in shoe stores. But he quickly realized that each and every box I found contained shoes that were most definitely not his Nike’s, and when he saw me coming with a box in hand, he’s start crying.

So we went to another shoe store – one where they sell Nike’s. I knew I wouldn’t find the same shoe, but I was pleasantly surprised to find something similar. We sat down and took off the blessed Nikes and I went looking for more shoes. I’d grab a box and take them to him, he’d see it was not his shoes, and he’d shake his head and run like the wind to his Nike’s, pick them up, and sit down at my feet for me to put them on him. Cute.

He’s gone to bed now. And his Nike’s have mysteriously disappeared. They’ve been replaced by non-Nike sneakers (with velcro, thank goodness!). We’ll see what kind of terror ensues tomorrow morning when his precious Nike’s are missing. Somehow I don’t think the world will come crashing to a halt – but his just might.


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