The jokester

Little man. Not even 18 months. Only says 2 words – mama and boo(k). And yet, he can deliver a punchline better than most adults I know. There’s something about how he figures out what makes us laugh, and then does it over and over again – without cracking a smile himself. It drives us mad!

But today was the kicker. While Bean was napping (a rarity these days), Little Man went into my closet to get Bean’s favorite ‘friend’ – a stuffed snowman in holiday attire who Bean imposes time outs on in my closet. So he brought “Snow” out of the closet and sat down on the floor with him. Stood Snow up, looked at him, then grinned and pushed him over. Several times. Each time I reminded him that this isn’t how we treat friends. So after a few repetitions of that, he put Snow back on his feet, carrot nose to baby nose, and then faked like he – Little Man – had been pushed over by Snow.  Dramatically. So as I laughed, he giggled and giggled and rolled over to me for ‘consolation’ because he’d been toppled by a 1/2 pound stuffed snowman in June.


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