So precocious!

For the last 3 weeks we’ve been teaching Bean (now 3) about respect. Mama and Tata demand respect, but certain behaviors (like whining or talking back) are disrespectful, and won’t be tolerated. For the most part it works really well. She’s gaining an understanding of what we expect of her, and being reminded where the the line is helps her correct her behavior when she forgets. But yesterday… In the car, driving around town, hubby and I were having a conversation about something – it must have been important, though I can’t remember for the life of me what it was – and the radio was on. Whichever song came on was one that Bean likes, so when it ended she asked me to play it again – as if it was a CD. But, being that mama doesn’t control what songs the radio station plays when, the answer was no, but maybe the radio will play it again later. Hubby and I continue conversation. Bean continues to ask for the song. We ignore the interruption. For the first 7 times. Then, I explain. in short. somewhat loud. toddler. terms. that mama. can’t. make. the. radio. play it AGAIN!!! Enough. The End. Her calm reply?

Mama, you’re expecting me.

I have a feeling it was meant to be “Mama, you’re disrespecting me!” But it was so funny (and only got funnier the third and fourth time she repeated it), we laughed so hard – I think there was a lesson in there about respect – but it was lost in the laughter.


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