Memorial Day weekend

Please remember to pray for a soldier this weekend. Without getting all political on you, I just have to say that we – here in the US – sleep soundly at night without fear of attack because soldiers are standing guard in countries around the world. They make enormous sacrifices – time with their family, holidays away from home, rotten pay, loss of life and limb – to protect us.

And to brag for a brief moment, check out this article to see what a great job our soldiers (my brother is mentioned in this article, but I’m not biased, really!) are doing in Afghanistan catching the top ranking leadership of the Taliban. We’ll never know the details of it, but our men and women in uniform have done a fantastic job of stopping terrorist plots in time and removing key members of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. What they’re doing there is largely forgotten, so please take a moment this weekend and pray for them.


One thought on “Memorial Day weekend

  1. Well said! I’m so tired of hearing talk about what a waste of time it is over there and how we aren’t accomplishing anything. Do people not realize what that’s saying to our military???


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