“Heaven” by Randy Alcorn

I was just over at Everyday Mommy, and she’s got a great post about God’s protection.  Head over there and read the comments. It’s a deep topic. It reminded me of this book that my husband’s reading, and I can’t wait until he finishes so that I can take it and read it. He shares with me little tidbits of it now and then, and it’s truly mind-boggling. It challenges my theology. It challenges my world view.

He begins the book with a quote from an English vicar:  When asked by a colleague what he expected after death, he replied, “Well, if it comes to that, I suppose I shall enter into eternal bliss, but I really wish you wouldn’t bring up such depressing subjects.”  I think that’s how a lot of us think of it though – we’re so concerned with our contentment and happiness this side of eternity, we don’t really consider what comes next. And in the grand scheme of things, there are tons more books and sermons out there on hell than on heaven. Our view of heaven tends to be incomplete, misguided, and often purely incorrect. I wish I could quote for you some more from the book, but hubby has it at work with him now. The point is, the New Testament talks quite a bit about heaven but we don’t listen. The topic is so central to our faith, and yet most of us (myself included) don’t get it.

So as soon as hubby finishes it (and it’ll be a while – it’s a Thick Book, and the type you have to really stop and think about as you read), it’s mine next. When that does happen, I’ll be sure to update you about how it’s changing my view. Anyone out there read it? Want to share your thoughts?


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