Works for Me Wednesday: Running

This all started when I plateaued on Weight Watchers. I hit my 10%, lost a precious few more pounds, and then nothing. For ages. I knew the problem. I wasn’t increasing my activity level. I’d increased it enough that I could keep up with my kids during the day, but that was it. And frankly, I couldn’t find a way to get in any more activity with my kids.

Until a few weeks ago. I get up early almost every day. I read the Bible and drink my coffee – because if I haven’t done both of those before the kids get up, woe to my whole family. I’m useless without my daily cup(s) of joe, and the same if I don’t get in the Word early. And then most mornings, I listen to my kids jabber on after they wake up, while I putter around the house, doing not much of anything but reveling in the quiet. So, a few weeks ago I started redeeming that time. The first thing I do now when I get up is put on my running shoes and go for a quick (meaning very short) jog. I’m out for about 20 minutes – maybe half of it I spend running and half is walking. Then I come back, sit down with a glass of water, breathe a bit. Then comes coffee and Bible. By the time I read my Bible, the blood is flowing. I’m well awake. And when I’m done – I have more energy than I knew I could ever have. I wouldn’t consider starting my morning any other way.

Granted, I hate running. And I’m awful at it. But the way I feel when I come home from a run makes it all worth while. I only run 4-5 days a week, but I’m more productive those days than I am any other time. I haven’t noticed any weight loss. In fact, I’m gaining a few pounds. But my clothes fit better. And I know that muscle weighs more than fat. So, I know that I’m toning up, losing fat and building muscle. And my clothes fit better. And I love that! For more Works for Me tips head over to Rocks in My Dryer.

5 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday: Running

  1. I don’t think it matters if you’re ‘dieting’ or not. I’d consider any stop in the weight loss a ‘plateau’ if you’re not at your goal. Besides, when I plateaued I also stopped following the WW diet thing… So it’s totally my own fault. Hopefully running will get me back in the losing streak, so to speak!

    As for my kids getting up, I was up with Little Man 3 times last night, and Bean once, and that’s a pretty normal night for me. Little Man is usually up at 6:30 in the morning but I don’t get him out of his crib until Bean wakes up around 7. I usually roll out at 6 (if I’m running). If I “sleep in” until 6:30 I skip the run and go straight to reading the Word, since that’s what’s really important. But getting up 4+ times at night, I desperately need a couple cups of coffee to get me going, even after running.


  2. Oh, and about the “plateau,” can I call it that if I sit at a weight (that’s too high) without dieting?

    I’ve lost my baby-weight each time in regular daily-living, returning to my “normal” weight, but that weight is probably 10% more than I should be at.

    I’ve honestly never dried a diet.

    Does the weight-loss stopping on its own = a plateau, or do I have to be dieting and losing (then stop losing)?

    does it even matter…?


  3. I’ve actually been planning the couch-to-5K since around January– as soon as I got my dog.

    And now I’ve had her 6 nights. Four or five of those I’ve been up all night with my baby or (ahem) taking care of my husband, making earlier rising more work than I’m ready for just now.

    How much do your young-uns still keep you up?

    I don’t do the coffee thing myself (don’t need it, don’t want to start) but am thinking about starting tea for the ritual…

    How much earlier than your children do you get up?


  4. Thanks for this – I’m at that point where the first “quick” chunk of weight loss has stopped (I’m also doing Weight Watchers). You reminded me that I now need to get MOVING!


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