What I’ve been up to…

because obviously I haven’t been blogging. Right? I think I’m at an all-time personal low for blogging. So here it is. What’s taken up my time?

  • Helping my neighborhood gets all its ducks in a row, and writing a position statement for why we need new board members
  • Baking goodies for the neighborhood party (and then throwing them away and buying Dunkin Donuts donut holes)
  • Searching everywhere for name tags – who knew CVS would have them when every other store was sold out? And why the mad rush on name tags?
  • Making homemade wonton appetizers for hubby’s men’s group’s social gathering with wives
  • Playing Catch Phrase at the shin dig
  • Attending a really awesome parenting seminar on discipline – I wanted to blog about it, but didn’t find the time… It’s coming though
  • Babysitting for my friend’s kids while she gets her house ready to go on the market (when her hubby left almost a month ago to prepare the new home they’re moving to – she’s alone with 4 kids, and a house to sell too!)
  • Starting my business, and blogging slightly more consistently there
  • Cleaning my house (specifically, those places that don’t get cleaned very often)
  • Meeting my neighbors
  • Exploring Marta (public transport in Atlanta) on the way to the children’s museum of Atlanta (those two things should not have happened on the same day with 2 toddlers)
  • Experimenting with hubby’s new camera. I’ll share some shots when I have some that are half decent.
  • Finishing “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” – almost.  I should finish tonight. Or tomorrow.
  • Enjoying the bath salts I got for mother’s day
  • Taking the kids to the park (since school is out now)
  • Drugging Little Man with inordinate amounts of amoxicillin and orfloxacin for his 4th ear infection in the 7 weeks since he got tubes! What’s wrong with this picture?
  • Not sleeping.
  • Coughing lots and battling asthma (the smoke from the fires in south Georgia are not helpful)

I think I’m back though.


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