Bake Space

Is anyone else out there on Bake Space? It’s kind of like a MySpace/LinkedIn for cooking and baking. I just joined and haven’t quite figured it out. It has the potential to become a vortex that sucks away all my time. So far I’ve created my profile, but haven’t had any time to sort through recipes
I found it while searching for tips on making those cool Pampered Chef Profiterole Puffs that are supposed to look like this:

Mine aren’t even close. But maybe they’ll still taste good. I probably shouldn’t have substituted half the flour with whole wheat flour, right? There’s a reason we all use that refined stuff for baking… Anyhow, I’m loving Bake Space! Check it out when you have a minute. Or 30.

Wanna know what I’m making those darned puffs for? The saga is still going on in my subdivision and we’re having a party this weekend (“we” being the opposition party). For some reason I’ll never understand I volunteered to bring something sweet. Finger-food. Appropriate for hot, outdoor picnics. So I’m nixing the chocolate drizzle and nuts on the puffs. Anyhow, I just thought that cookies were too ordinary. And since I am running for the board, and my lawn is by no means impressive, maybe if I make fantastic (whole wheat) cream puffs people will like me…

Yes, I know. I need therapy.

Edited 5/19: No, they didn’t taste good. I guess we have refined flour for a reason.


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