Running for the board

Life in the ‘burbs. White picket fences. 2.5 kids. An SUV in the driveway. Perfectly manicured lawn. Bunko. Soccer games. Trips to the mall. A Pottery Barn catalog waiting in the mailbox. Spring-time barbeque on the deck. A hanging planter of peonies on the front porch. Neighborhood picnics. A sex offender down the street. Homeowners Association dues paying for a lawyer to protect the sex offender. Oh! wait! those last two are just a part of my world, not the ‘ideal’ suburban community.

Yes, that’s right, my subdivision is now embroiled in a vicious battle between the sex-offender supporting board of directors and a resident who takes care of 3 neighborhood children during the day along with 3 other children who live nearby. Technically, she runs a family day care home. And a sex offender can’t live within 1000 feet of it. But he does. So one of them has to go. The board chose to keep the sex offender. The residents chose to keep the day care. 67% of the residents signed a petition. There are other things at issue, but it was the sex offender trying to bully the sweet child care worker that pushed us homeowners over the edge. So now, there’s a special meeting impending. At that meeting we’ll try to oust the arguably corrupt board members who we think have been pocketing a chunk of change from our dues. We’ll also be able to reverse the law suit and fines they’ve levied on this nice woman who meant no harm to anyone.

And who’s running for the new board of directors? Yours truly. Maybe I’m crazy. The press has been all over this, and the last thing I need is to be publicly scrutinized. But, there are very few people willing to undertake the task of putting this neighborhood back on clear footing, reducing the annual dues, and making it a nicer place to live. So, for the sake of improving my community, I’m putting myself out there, and hoping that the current board members don’t retaliate before we can get rid of them. I saw their mob squad pause in front of my house the other day. I’m expecting a ‘love note’ in the mail any day now – it will probably say something like I need to repaint my house or clean my gutters or plant some flowers or something. And as a final notice (they never send out first notices), they’ll levy a fine of $25/day until I make it happen. Nice, huh?

Links to the media coverage of what’s going on in our quiet little town:


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