Sick child(ren)

We’ve returned from our ‘no more diapers’ jaunt.  Yesterday involved packing a hospital bag, holding down Bean while she was poked and prodded. Now how do you explain to a 3-year old that something that seems so much like ‘wrong touch’ is actually okay in this particular instance? And how does a mom hold down her own child so that a nurse can do something that seems so wrong?

Bean is recovering. Physically more quickly than emotionally. Little Man seems to have picked up the bug – or at least one of them (we think Bean had several illnesses contributing to her condition). Thankfully, he doesn’t have it nearly as bad as she did. One thing we learned (and thank our nurse-practitioner for) is that the syrup used in canned fruit in “heavy syrup” cuts nausea and vomiting!  A couple teaspoons an hour does magic.  In the meantime, my washing machine got a work-out. Everyone is recovering and catching up on sleep now.


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