Dear TV, we’re back

We missed you. Bean especially. Little Man didn’t really notice you were gone, except when it was time to put drops in his little ears and there was nothing to entertain him. But the good thing is, we learned a lot while you were off. Here’s our list:

  • Little Man really loves to play Ring Around the Rosie.
  • Bean uses each color of paint before using any color a second time.
  • The radio is much more fun than the TV – everyone likes dancing to the music.
  • The fish in the tank at Bass Pro Shop are even more fun than a trip to the acquarium.
  • A fitted sheet makes a better tent than a wool blanket.
  • Watering the flowers usually entails getting wet.
  • Little Man truly believes that gravity is a myth.
  • Ingesting sand won’t kill you. Even handfuls of it.
  • Gwen Stefani and KT Tunstall have great beats for dancing to.

Having learned all that, o dear television, we’ve decided that you’re not nearly as important to us as we’d previously believed. From now on we’ll be spending less ‘quality’ time with you. I hope you understand. In the meantime, Little Man will continue to test gravity while Bean experiments with the unfailing wet-ness of water. Thank you for understanding, and I appreciate that we can trust you to be there for us, even if we don’t come around so often.


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