Mold is making me crazy

We’ve been in this battle with toxic mold for 10 weeks now. We’ve dished out around $1,000 for a handful of inspections, and a much greater sum to a remediation company. Of course, there was the first remediation company who charged us a ridiculous amount to do nothing, but in the end we won that battle. We got to keep the mold and our money too. So now we’re on round 4 of this. I have the negative air machine running in my mold room living room and I truly hate it. It sounds like a jet engine. It’s awful. We’ll have another inspection in a few days. And after that, we’ll know by next week if we still have toxic mold. And if – miracle of miracles – the mold is gone, then we can replace the wall and the flooring and the furniture. And have our garage and living room and playroom and Bean’s bedroom back. Man! When we got into this, we had no idea it would take us this long to fix.


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