Travel map

Where’ve you been?


I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that I’ve only been to 8% of the countries in the world. I think I need to explore some more continents (and, frankly, a bit more of my own country too).  So how about you? Where have you been?


One thought on “Travel map

  1. Not having left the country yet… I have lived in and explored various states in the U.S.

    Portland, OR has a long rainy season, but if you love to hike mountain trails, or ski Mt. Hood, etc. I think you’d gradually fall in love with the place. And the city has a small town charm. Portland is the second coffee-est state, second to Seattle.

    Northern Virginia has a hot summer, but road trips lead you to some truly picturesque scenery. I lived a couple blocks away from the National Cemetery and just across the Potomac from the Capital, the Smithsonian, etc.

    After visiting Aspen, CO, Atlanta and Clearwater, FL, I wanted to live in those places as well.

    Every American should move to another state at least once in their life.


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