Works for Me: Bathtime with toddlers

A bathtub can be a scary place for little ones. All that water, a slippery surface, washing that gets water in their eyes, and a drain where who knows what could be sucked into the abyss. Scary. My neighbor shared with me what her family does to conquer bathtime trauma with her toddlers, and thank goodness! Now my kids love taking baths, and they cry when it’s time to get out. Maybe yours do anyway, but if you have to fight with your toddler’s ‘plank’ maneuver, or knock down drag out tantrums, this might just work for you too. On the other hand, I’m somewhat afraid to tell the blogosphere about this… you might all decide I’m some sort of freak… But here’s to trying!

I take a bath with my kids. I get in with my youngest first, get him all washed. Then my 3 year old joins us and we have some time together – the 3 of us, playing with cups and duckies, and splish-splash. Hubby comes in, whisks the baby off in a comfy blanket (despite loud baby protests) and I have some time with my 3-yr old. She has some issues with hair washing, so she sits in my lap and that gives her enough comfort and confidence to manage the ordeal. Then she practices ‘swimming,’ we sing songs, and as the water becomes tepid and our fingers are all raisin-y, she hops out asking if we can do it again tomorrow.


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