Hostile takeover

My Homeowners Association is staging a coup. Yeah, you read that right. Staging a coup. It’s been in the works for some time now, but the new ‘candidates’ for the Board were out canvasing the neighborhood last night rallying for support.

There a coup. In my neighborhood. Probably won’t be as dramatic as the fall of the Iron Curtain (which my dear hubby saw first hand). But still. The masses are rising up and kicking some corrupt-homeowner-association- board-tushies! So, sound the 7th-grade band member trumpets! Man the spit-ball launching straws canons! Let’s battle it out over hardi-plank siding, where to store our trash cans, and frequently-mowed lawns! Well, in all honesty, the battle involves more important things like sex offenders, ridiculous annual fees, and some relatively important legal issues.

It needs to happen. Really, it does. But am I the only one who finds it humorous that our annually-elected volunteer board members are being overthrown? And it’s going to be front-page Sunday paper news in our county-wide newspaper. Now really, aren’t there more deserving stories for front-page news? Someone help me. I’m trapped in suburbia. Behind my white picket fence.


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