Weigh in on ditching diapers

We’re potty-training Bean. Ag. ain. Or should I say still? Some friends of mine said that when we start potty training we should get rid of the diapers and never go back. Forget pull-ups, and no return to diapers.

It’s not working for me. This has to be the 83rd time we’ve tried to potty train her (actually no, probably just the 4th or 5th). Inevitably we get through about half a day. Then Bean has an accident. And since she has a type A personality and hates being wet or dirty, she has a little breakdown, is traumatized, and begs for diapers. And I give in. Like I just did.

Should I be a little tougher about this whole no diapers thing? Or do different kids have different needs? Well, yes, I know they have different needs. But, really, should I tell her the diapers are gone? I can’t remove them from the house – Little Man is still in diapers (the same size as Bean, in fact). She says she’s ready to potty train, but even before she has an accident she starts asking for diapers. I think she’s a bit of a perfectionist. Am I wrong to give her what she wants (in this case)?

Come on, moms and dads. Share your wisdom.


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