I’m drowning

…in toxic mold remediation, air quality tests, vacating the house while the work done, then dealing with drywall construction, ceiling construction, new floors, new paint for the new drywall, different paint for the new ceiling, and in the meantime trying to cling to something solid while I sink into the quicksand of debt brought on by the 30 gagillion contractors working on my house (not to mention the reams of medical bills due to the toxic mold)…

You can expect me to resurface in a few days. Until then, you can assume that the negative air machine in my mold room living room is sucking me up, vacuum style. Imagine the roar of a jet plane. Day and night. Inside your house. I don’t think my ears will ever stop ringing.

And while we have the jet plane engine running in my living room… May the negative air machine suck into oblivion every ounce of dishonesty in all the contractors on the face of the planet, leaving them all with nothing left but their vast skills and a genuine love for fellow mankind.


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