Works for Me: Crayons at the doc.

My most dreaded thing do with 2 toddlers: doctor’s appointments. There are usually entertaining toys in the waiting room, but what on earth do you do when you get into that cramped little exam room and have to wait for 20 minutes while your toddlers gaze longingly out the window wanting to romp in the grass outside? And of course, then the whining starts, followed by crying, at which point the other toddler starts crying, and it just gets worse.

But aha! Eureka! something so simple! Virtually any doctor’s office (except, so far, the audiologist and ENT) have those little beds covered with paper. Crayons! Little Man sits up there and randomly bangs his crayons on the paper, and gets very excited when a mark appears in the same color as the crayon he’s holding (then he chews on the crayon, and when I tell him to stop he amuses himself by tearing the paper into shreds… but at least he isn’t crying). Bean will do a scavenger hunt for different letters, numbers, or pictures on the paper (if it’s printed) or she’ll ask me to write the names of her friends and I’ll have her do a scavenger hunt for letters there. She proceeds to color each letter she finds (“Okay, Bean, now find an S and color it yellow!”) Endless entertainment.

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2 thoughts on “Works for Me: Crayons at the doc.

  1. Crayons are a great one at the doctor’s office, as are stickers (for that paper on the table), and a really special snack, that can only be eaten when you visit the doctor! Which reminds me… is our diaper bag loaded with crayons? Hmmm… must check! Great WFMW tip!


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