It is finished

Thanks to Randy Schlichting from Perimeter Church and Worship Well for this audio. It takes about 25 minutes, but it’s well worth it. Or at least start to listen. Maybe it’ll bore you and you’ll turn it off. Or, maybe it’ll capture your heart. There’s only one way to find out. (I actually only listened to the first 2/3rds of it – then it gets to Easter morning, and I have to stop it there. I’m not ready to jump ahead.)

At one point in this audio, Randy asks you to recall what it feels like when someone makes fun of you. It’s not fun. It’s belittling, it’s harsh, it’s hurtful. … “I have belittled Christ. I do it when I act like He is small… Maybe because I act like I am bigger functionally, day to day. And that’s wrong.” He’s the Master of the Universe, the Lover of my soul. This is what hits home for me. I have belittled the Master of the Universe. Who died for me. Who conquered death. For me. Who ascended and is seated at the right hand of the Father. I have made Him small, and robbed Him of power. Or tried to. How very wrong that is. It’s because of sins like mine that He had to endure a torturous death on a cross.

On that cross, the Father turned His wrath on Jesus. And His response was “My God, why have you forsaken me?” I can’t imagine the sense of abandonment behind that question. In the shadow of that statement, the came the announcement, “It is finished.” And because of that, I have been redeemed. I have been forgiven. But today, and until Easter morning, I mourn His crucifixion.


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