Works for Me: Special ‘travel toys’

Since we got the SUV with DVD player, car trips aren’t such a problem. Even when Little Man was rear-facing he’d crank his neck around at seemingly impossible angles to see what big sister was watching. But before the days of our car DVD player (and still, when we don’t want them glued to the TV screen) we use special car toys.

There are 3 toys that stay in the car. They never leave – never. The kids are not allowed to remove them from the car for any purpose or length of time. For Bean, it’s a set of 4 cloth Sesame Street block-style books. For Little Man, he has a plush sunshine with rattls and teethers hanging from the Oh Sh*t! handle ceiling-level indoor handle, and his favorite chunky lift-the-flap board book. Both kids immediately look for their own toys when the get into the car. For longer trips we bring along a few ‘surprise’ toys too.

Did I mention that I have the most awesomest car on the road and my kids love it? That helps too. Thanks, hubbs. I’m just lucky blessed like that.

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One thought on “Works for Me: Special ‘travel toys’

  1. We have car toys that don’t leave the car! Snuggle Bug has some metal Thomas trains that don’t work on his wooden track, so these train cars stay in the car. He loves them!

    Thanks for sharing!


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