My dear, precious Bean. You’re 3 years old today. And you know it – and that’s amazing to me. So much about you amazes me. You’re brilliant. I’ve known it from the beginning, but you never cease to inspire wonder within me.

You have this sparkling personality that has blossomed in wonderful ways over the last year. You’ve come into your own. This year you discovered that baby brothers aren’t so bad after all. You came up with your very own dance style, and I love it. Who wouldn’t? And I love that when you color or paint you insist on using each color once before moving on. I love that over the last year you’ve started to savor snuggles – at long last. After years of you never wanting to give or receive hugs, your gentle embrace can make any hurt or sadness melt away. You have this special rubber-band-like independence – you love to run off on your own and do things by yourself, but just when I start to worry that you’re growing up too fast, you come back. With a vengeance. And nothing of this earth would separate your little hand from my finger. It puts an endless smile on my face.


You like to finish things, and that makes me proud – you so didn’t get that from me. It must be from Tata. And you like for things to be in their place – I can’t wait to teach you about organizational skills! You’re a fantastic little helper – you follow directions so well, and helping me with laundry or setting the table puts an incredible smile on your face.

You’re an auditory learner, and you remember words you’ve only heard once – you remember how to say them, and what they mean, and how to use them. How DO you do that? You’re brilliant.

Babe, we’ve struggled to figure each other out. But I’ve learned so much from you. You’re strong. And empathetic. And giving and honest. You’re compassionate and forgiving, and those qualities will serve you well in life. As much as I miss holding you as a little newborn, I’m so privileged to have spent every day with you since you were born. And I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.


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