Not skilled in the jell-o arts

Tomorrow’s is Bean’s birthday party. I thought I’d be that really cool mom with the cutesy party snacks. Like my friend Hollie. For her boys’ birthday party (they were born 2 years apart – almost to the day, so she can combine their parties. Good planning on her part!), she made this cute little rainbow layered jell-o mold – only as finger jell-o. And of course, all the moms and dads came and oooh-ed and ahh-ed over it. And Hollie gave the typical mom answer: “oh, it was nothing! easy as pie!” (yeah, about as easy making pie crust from the wheat you’re growing in your backyard, and then running off to churn the butter before you sail away into the sunset to get your sugar cane from the Caribbean.) The kids liked it too, but we all know that the most important thing at a kid’s party is the parent factor, right? that all the parents recognize us as being super cool? that the kids are happy…

So I tried. It’s a miserable failure. My layers just don’t layer. They all kind of run together in an ooey-gooey mess. It’s looks nothing like that picture. No, really, not a single similarity.  Maybe, just maybe, if it actually sets (I’m skeptical), it’ll taste good and the parents won’t look down their noses at me for being less than perfect. The good news is that we decided to have a very small party, so the people coming already know I’m imperfect, and they love me anyway. Thank goodness for good friends who don’t laugh at my attempts impress them through ridiculously daunting tasks done for the sake of parent popularity at children’s parties.

And Hollie, I salute you. And your jell-o savvy-ness. Now what would I have to pay you to bring your rainbow finger jell-o tomorrow? And pretend that I made it?  


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