New discovery – sweet potato fries

I picked up a bag of frozen sweet potato french fries on sale at Kroger. Then they sat in my freezer for about 2 months. I was afraid of the looks of disgust I would get when my promise of french fries at lunch time turned out to be orange baked oddities loaded with vitamin A and manganese.  I got brave today, and the results were awesome! My kids love sweet potato fries – and I don’t need to add salt to them either. And they’re getting more vitamins than they would with regular fries.

A sweet potato has 262% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin A, compared with virtually none in regular potatoes. It also contains high levels of vitamin C, manganese (which seems to aid growth and reproduction), and sweet potatoes are high in anti-oxidants and have anti-diabetic properties. Next time I’m at Kroger, I’ll be stocking up on more sweet potato fries!


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