They’ve bonded

Little Man and Bean have been sharing a room for about a month now. They *usually* wake up at about the same time in the morning because of it. When they wake up we sit down together at the breakfast table and the three of us have breakfast together.

This morning, Little Man woke up at 6:30 (like usual), but for some reason Bean wasn’t awakened by his laughing, yelling and growling (don’t all 15-month old boys growl?). So I took Little Man downstairs, and for the first time ever (in his whole life, I think) he refused to eat. It took until 8:00 for Bean to wake up, at which point Little Man made a bee line for the stairs, raced into Bean’s room, and then we all went back downstairs for Bean to have breakfast. And ya know what? Little Man joined us! He refused to eat until big sister woke up.  Now that’s sweet.


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