Look good, do good

Did you know that Bangkok is the prostitution capital of the world? Or that human trafficking is the 3rd largest money-making venture in the world (drugs and arms trade rank higher)? And women from poverty-stricken countries around the world end up sold into prostitution in places like Bangkok? And the worst part, it isn’t just women. Children are traded into this too. I hope you’re feeling a sense of indignation at that.

NightLight is a ministry that goes out into the bars of Bangkok and treats these women as humans – giving the gift of conversation, acceptance, hugs, and grace. And they do so much more. They come alongside these women (and children) in their times of need – when they’re sick, or beaten up or in some other sort of danger. They also give women an alternative to the sex trade. They have a jewelry-making studio where they train these ladies and then hire them as employees. They have a dormitory and feed them hot meals. They rescue them. And they teach them about the Love that knows no limits. They have Bible studies, they give women dignity and the pride of earning a good salary without being exploited.

Interested? Now what if I told you that the more jewelry they sell the more women and children they can rescue from exploitation? And that you can purchase it online and have it shipped anywhere in the US? Now what if I told you they use genuine pearls and Swarovski crystals? I haven’t bought jewelry in a local boutique since I found out about this. Now when I need something I go to NightLight. And I give it as gifts. It comes with a little piece of information that tells the giftee where it came from and the story behind it. What better gift is there?

You can shop around at Trade As One and see some of their other Fair Trade items. Everything they sell comes from ministries similar to NightLight – providing hope to the otherwise hopeless.


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