Ear tubes are in!

What a star! Today was Little Man’s big procedure, and he did GREAT! He had his ear tubes put in this morning at about 8:00 and he hasn’t stopped talking since. Of course, there still aren’t any actual words, but he’s babbling non-stop. I think he’s surprised by the sound of his voice. His voice also has a different quality to it – I can’t really describe it, but the tone of it is a bit different, and the sounds he’s coming up with are slightly different.

We had to be at Atlanta Outpatient this morning at 5:45, which meant waking Little Man up for a drive at 5:00 sharp. He managed the 2 hour wait just fine. Some of the other kids there waiting weren’t so happy to be awake that early with nothing in their little tummies, but my Little Man was a bundle of joy all morning. When the anesthesiologist came in and put the mask on his face to put him to sleep Little Man had some alarm in his eyes, but he watched me and listened to my voice, and he calmed right down and fell into a peaceful sleep. Again, some of the other parents had a harder time – a lot of their kids were freaked out by the mask and the gas, and understandably so. And when he woke up, he was happy and sociable. The nurses told me that’s not the norm. But hey, I know he’s special! I promptly gave him some juice, and some milk, and a sandwich, and pretty much would have given him a puppy, a trip to Disney, a helicopter, anything he wanted at that point. (It’s a good thing he doesn’t know how to ask for any of that…)

I love to hear him talk now, knowing that he’s experimenting with all the different sounds he can hear himself making. I have to put drops in his ears for a few days – I doubt he’ll be happy about that. But, all for the sake of proper hearing and No More Ear Infections!!! Yippee!!!


One thought on “Ear tubes are in!

  1. Oh how fabulous! I’m proud of your little man – and so excited to hear how he progresses! (And, of course, for no more ear infections – yippie!)


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