Unexpected sweetness

Little Man has the most unfortunate cowlick. In fact, there are really three of them right in front that actually make a little whirlpool-style swirl with alfalfa tufts on either side.  I knew it was a problem when I walked by the nursery one day after dropping him off and all the volunteers had gathered around him to play with and giggle about his his unfortunate hair. So now we keep it buzzed pretty short. It’s a good thing he’s a boy.

Just tonight Bean has discovered the soft prickliness of buzzed short baby hair. And so. She follows him. Everywhere. And rubs his cute head.  In fact, she’s so enamored with his soft yet prickly peach fuzzy hair (which still has that swirl in front – no matter how short) that she actually leaves Veggie Tales behind to walk across the house to where Little Man is playing just to get in a little rub.


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