Bunking in

Due to the nasty toxic mold we’re having issues with, Bean and Little Man are now sharing a room. The bad news is that they don’t nap anymore and their sleep schedules are totally off. But there’s so much good news. Bean isn’t having any more nightmares. Nor is she afraid of her 15-month old little brother any more. (Yes, she was afraid of him. Even before he could roll over.) They have a better relationship now. And here’s a couple of gems I hear from their room:

Bean: What’s wrong Little Man? What’s wrong? What can I give you? (Quite a change from “Waaahhh!!! NOOOO!!! I WANT IT!”)

She’s becoming so sweet and nurturing with him! Or this gem:

Bean: Wake up! No! Don’t go to sleep! Wake up! WAKE UP! C’mon, Little Man! Wake UP! Let’s play!

No wonder they don’t sleep.


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