Sewing seeds

Megan at Half Pint House pointed out this great project that Randi over at I have to say is doing. Randi’s daughter is off to Africa this summer to work in an orphanage for a couple weeks, and Randi wants to collect enough hand sewn skirts for each girl at the orphanage (and, hopefully, at a couple neighboring orphanages) to have one. Each of these kids has only one outfit to wear, so this drop in the bucket would be pretty precious to them. So for those of you who sew, think about jumping on board with this. They’ve chosen a simple pattern, so that shouldn’t be a worry. I’m hoping to participate if I can learn to sew between now and June!


One thought on “Sewing seeds

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I’m almost done with the actual skirt now. Just a couple more things to do. And really, this skirt is easy – might even be a good project to learn on if you are sew inclined (okay, groan!)…


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