I’m hooked

And who wouldn’t be? Just look at this awesome apron! And there are tons more by Jessie Steele, if you can bring yourself to fork over about $40. Probably more when you consider tax and shipping. But I want one. I need one. In fact, the one pictured here isn’t really my favorite. There’s another I like better, but it wouldn’t let me get the image location… retail snobs… I keep thinking though, if I could find some nice fabric somewhere, surely I could sew one of these myself, and for less than 40 bucks too! (note: I don’t know how to sew). But just imagine it… suddenly, I’d be like Mrs. Cleaver! I’d be more productive! I’d be happier! I’d love my kids more! And all because of an apron! Okay, so none of that is really true. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting it! (Did I mention I like stuff?) Layla Grace has a good selection of these gorgeous creations, all calling my name and telling me I need to host a dinner party! And what better reason to host a dinner party than to show off my gorgeous new apron? I need to find a way to sew one of these. I need to learn to sew first. It would probably help if I could get my $8 sewing machine fixed. Or, I could just save that money and buy an apron!


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