We’re gonna do it…

I just got off the phone with the ENT, and I bit the bullet. They told me back in December that Monkey needs tubes in his ears. I’ve been postponing it ever since, for all sorts of different reasons. But at Monkey’s 15 month well check the pediatrician finally said that we really do need to do it. Since his first ear infection at 7 months, the pediatrician has never seen his ears clear of fluid or inflammation. So this Friday (in 3 days!) he sees an audiologist to test his hearing and then he goes to pre-op with the ENT. On Tueday (in a week!) they’re going to do the operation. (eek!) Anyone been through this? I know there are different perspectives on the usefulness of tubes, and I’ve looked at both sides. That’s part of why I postponed so long.


One thought on “We’re gonna do it…

  1. My father-in-law had tubes when he was younger – I don’t think that they had caught the problem quite as young as your little Monkey’s though. He told me recently that he cried when he got them (either in or out – not sure) – not because it hurt, but because he was shocked at how loud the real world actually was – his hearing had been so compromised by the fluid build-up that he’d been missing out on the subtle sounds of life all around him.


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