Feelin’ the freedom!

Guilt is a funny thing. It eats you – really eats you – from the inside out. It cripples you. Seven and a half years ago I went through some Difficult Life Issues. In the midst of it, I got mad at God. I yelled at Him. I told Him He wasn’t real. It took me a while, but I got through to the other side. I remembered. I remembered what He’d done for me, and why I believed in the first place. I remembered how I’d seen Him work in the lives of those around me. And my faith was renewed.

But, I was still the object of His wrath, or so I told myself. After all, how could He ever forgive me for doubting Him? And for 7 1/2 years I lived that way.  But Steve Brown – the same Steve Brown from Key Life Ministries – put me in my place. He spoke at Perimeter this weekend, and it was fabulous. It was freeing. I felt like dancing afterwards.  I have believed a lie for all these years – a lie that God’s forgiveness isn’t big enough for my sin. Do you know what 7 1/2 years of guilt can do to a person? Now imagine walking away free – the burden gone, the weight lifted. Seven and a half years of fearing to approach the throne. Approaching it, but only from a distance, and with great trepidation. Now I can come near. That freedom is truly earth-shattering!

And what’s better – it’s okay to question! God put a brain in each one of us, and when questions arise, God is big enough to handle them! He wants us to use what He gave us. What a gift! Rejoice, for we are free indeed!


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ the freedom!

  1. I praise God for your release from guilt. You describe your struggle very well – as a modern-day Psalmist lost in the exile of guilt who can only remember what God has done in the past and wonder where He is in the present.

    May God now add that many more blessings to your future life as burdens you’ve carried in the past.


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