Parenting help needed!!! Please participate

Okay folks. Here’s the dilemma. All the ‘experts’ agree that spanking is bad. A good number of parents say that spanking is sometimes the only way to stop a bad behavior or behavior pattern. I don’t want to use this to debate the utility or ills of spanking – it’s one of those polarizing issues that do little to foster a sense of mutual trust and encouragement.

But, I do want to ask all you parents of little ones out there (where “little ones” means toddlers and preschoolers) for creative discipline ideas. We’re all aware of time-outs, but what do you do to creatively respond to bad behavior? For example, a friend of mine won’t let her 3-yr old wear her favorite pajamas if said 3-yr old refuses to get ready for bed. I think that’s creative! So what do you do? Please tell me specifics! How do you make the punishment fit the crime, so to speak?

**In moving this post from Blogger, I lost the original (and very helpful) comments. Please don’t let that stop you from adding to the discussion.


One thought on “Parenting help needed!!! Please participate

  1. When I was little, if I didn’t play with a toy the right way, the toy went to time out. On top of the bookshelf where I could see it. Hated that.

    These days, the biggest threat in my house is getting the modem unplugged. Or extra chores. 😦


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