Need more parenting help!!!

Up to this point, we’ve only had behavioral issues with Bean. But today Monkey started something new and unexpected (Monkey was formerly referred to as Little Man, for my faithful readership, but he’s not so little anymore!). So, today, Monkey started walking up to me and slapping me. At first I didn’t react much. “No-no, Monkey. Be gentle” I’d say in a sing-song voice, while reaching out and stroking his arm as I said “gentle.” He’s 15 months old now, and after hitting me about 10 times, he walked up to stuffed animals, his dad, the couch, and all sorts of other things and hitting them in the same manner. He’s happy. He’s playing. But what happens when he does that to his sister? Or another child at Sunday School or playgroup? Now, I’m giving him my firm “no” with a stern look. It works miracles for Bean, but Monkey just laughs, comes back, and tickles my feet. He thinks I’m playing or joking! (So maybe my firm no and stern look aren’t so firm and stern?)

He’s always been happy, sociable, friendly, and always always gentle. I’m so shocked that he’s doing this! And I really thinks he believes he’s playing. How do I react to this??? Hep me! Hep me!


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