Inclusive language?

Walk into any educational setting and you’ll hear phrases like, developmentally delayed, differently abled. In the typical hospital you’ll hear the same conditions referred to as developmentally impaired, handicapped. Inclusive language (also known as affirmative language or person-centric language) has taken hold in certain areas of society, but unfortunately not in most acute care environments.


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Brain for NICU nurses

I’ve finally come up with something that works for me in the NICU to remember what I need to remember and keep me on track during the day. My med-surg brains were certainly not going to work in the NICU. I needed something simple that could change throughout the day in case of admits, discharges, and so on.  Continue reading

Why I won’t shop Zulily again

In October I made a purchase at Zulily of several items of clothing. 5, in fact. Of the 5, only one fit the description provided on the product page. Now, anyone who shops Zulily knows that it has the longest order fulfillment time of virtually any retailer online. So when it took 3 weeks for my order to arrive, I wasn’t surprised.

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One more week of Med-surg

nurse-call-button-took-longLast month I was offered the position of my dreams – a NICU position at a Level III NICU. This particular hospital delivers more babies than any other hospital in the US. 120 beds in the NICU alone.

As of today, I have one week left in med-surg  at my (most awesome) magnet hospital, before moving on. I want to soak it all in, invest in my colleagues, and hopefully stamp everything I’ve learned in med-surg permanently into my brain.  Continue reading